Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day

I need to record this one tidbit of a memory, because it epitomizes what being a mother means to me right now. Lo told me before church on Mother's Day, in a generous, polite tone of voice: "You can dress me today, Mom." (I raised my eyebrows--whatever happened to mom getting a break on Mother's Day??) He elaborated: "Usually I dress myself, but today is a special day! It is Mother's Day! So you get to dress me!" He honestly thought he was doing me a favor. Putting socks on floppy kid feet has got to be one of my least favorite chores of the day. But I had to smile at the innocence and truly good intentions of my sweet son. I thanked him for the opportunity to dress him, and have to say it was satisfying to dress someone who stood relatively still during the process. Little Miss Ro generally runs like the wind while I try to button her clothes on. I expect a lot out of my 4-yr-old because of having his younger sister around. But they are both so young! I forget sometimes how much Lo Lo does not yet understand, until he says comments like he did this past Mother's Day.