Sunday, April 29, 2012


I guess that last post warrants a little explanation with my brief mention of moving. Jerry has been awarded an exciting internship this summer with Dell. We will spend June-August in Texas. Side note: as part of the start-up paperwork, the company asked for a 7-year address history, including places lived for school or work. As we reviewed all the addresses in Jerry's past 7 years, the total came to 11. That's right, since returning from his mission just 7 years ago, Jerry has moved a lot. And after we relocate this summer, the number will rise still higher. Since beginning our marriage together just 4 years ago, us Tams have moved 6 times, now looking forward to move number 7 as we spend the summer in Texas. But on the plus side, the Texas move will be low-key--our apartment is fully furnished, and utilities included, so we won't have to go through as much of the usual transition hassle associated with moving. And most of our stuff will stay at my parent's house. I even get to fly down with Lo instead of driving, so all in all should be pleasant.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flying to the YMCA

To prep Lo for (yet another) move soon, I have been telling him the good points of Texas. "We will fly there on an airplane, and when we are there, go swimming every day!" Both key points of excitement for a 2-year-old: airplanes and swimming pools. Anyway, we don't leave to Texas for about another month or so. But yesterday I woke Lo up from his (3 hour!) nap and said, "We need to get ready to go swimming at the YMCA." He stared at me in a stupor. "But Mom, we didn't fly on the airplane yet." And then the whole way driving to the YMCA, he kept talking about taking an airplane to get to the pool in Idaho. Toddler brains are so hilarious. By the way, I was so proud of my Lo when he went down the "Big Kid Slide" at the pool. He has such a bold personality. He ended up flipping halfway down, so when I caught him at the bottom, he was head-first on his back. He'd been so excited to go down the slide, trying to sneak his way to the front of the line before it was his turn. But after that adventurous first time down, when Jerry asked if Lo wanted to go again, he replied, "I stay here and watch Mommy go down." =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yoda Soda

Mr. Lo has a few cute speech imperfections. For instance, until lately, I'd never heard him make a true "s" or "sh" sound. Instead, he would replace it with either "hse" (i.e. "Come hsee it" rather than "Come see it") or sometimes he'd replace "sh" with "y," as in, "I yo you, Mom," instead of saying, "I show you, Mom." "
Anyway, recently we were having pizza for dinner (hooray!) and brought out some soda pop to go with it. Mr. Lo was saying "I want yoda pop" right and left during the whole meal. Finally I pointed out a picture of Star Wars' Yoda (handily located on the back of a Cheerios box). I told Lo, "This is Yoda." And he immediately replied, pointing to Yoda, "This is Soda?" Sure. Soda, Yoda, whatever. ;) At least now I am reassured my child can pronounce the letter "s."

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feeding the Mas

The Chinese Lo was speaking has declined a bit since moving to my parents' house, since he hears an even greater volume of English now than when he was just home with me all day. But he still retains quite a few words that he prefers to say in Chinese. "Ma" is one of them (horse). Grandpa Dean goes out every day to feed the horses. A couple times Lo has gone too.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cutting Cantaloupe

Part of the Montessori ideas I love involve encouraging kids to learn through reality as much as possible. For example, instead of using fake plastic dishes, fake plastic toy foods, etc. let kids learn actual slicing skills by *gasp* cutting real food with real knives!! With appropriate food selection, adult supervision, and plain ol' butter knives, it should be safe enough. We have been allowing Lo to do this sort of activity for about the past year now. He often slices on his own cutting board alongside me during meal prep. He has some finesse, no?