Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mr. Lo has been using an old laptop to watch DVDs since we don't have a television. Today we couldn't get a DVD to play--the laptop kept making odd clicking noises--so I figured the computer was finally on its last leg. After trying for a few minutes, then leaving to take care of the baby, then coming back awhile later, I found Mr. Lo there fiddling with the disc drive portion of the laptop. "I think the reason it won't play is because of this bread I put in there." He poked around in the disc drive inner portion and sure enough, I saw a huge crusty crumb. A second later with tweezers in hand, I had the crumb removed and the DVD (Barney) playing. "We are superheros actually," my son hollered gleefully. "We saved the computer and we saved Baby Ro!" Not sure where he got the "saved the baby" part, except that I'd gone to help her halfway through the computer project, but yes. I feel like a superhero most days even just doing the basics: dishes washed, dinner made, toys picked up, family happy. Saving the world. Speaking of which, the reason I started that DVD is so I could finish making dinner. So off I go.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lincoln Logs

$2.99 at Goodwill. Lo's new favorite toy.
update: I threw the Lincoln Log set in the trash about a day after blogging this post because the pieces were driving me bonkers getting left all over the house.  Later after Lo went to bed I fished it out of the trash and hid it in my closet.  And then a week later (today) I tentatively brought it back out again only to yet again find myself picking up a billion pieces of miniature logs and stepping on sharp log house roofs and so forth.  So back into the closet it goes.  Not sure why this particular toy is so hard to get cleaned up--Mega Bloks don't give us any trouble. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Blessing

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we do not baptize or christen babies but men who have the priesthood can give what is known as a blessing. Jerry blessed our sweet little girl about a month ago and even though we waited to do the blessing after our move to California, we were able to have lots of family members present. It was an exciting day!
My cousin Jeff, his wife Gena, and two of their girls (Gwen and Mimi...Emma was home sick).  Not pictured is my cousin Lillie and her family who also came. 
My Aunt Gaylene gave our baby this cap.  She wore it during the blessing, and looked a perfect angel with her bright black eyes gazing up at her daddy as he spoke the words of the blessing.  She was awake for the blessing, but quietly alert (yes she is a perfect baby). 
Here she is examining the lace texture.  She is absolutely in the "explore with her hands" phase of babyhood, even grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth these days. 
I had a coupon for a free print at Sears portraits so we took her there for some more formal shots in her blessing attire.  And for these ones we used a bow on her head instead of the cap.  Her dress was a comfy spandex type of material with lace overlay--we borrowed the dress from my sister.  Thanks Boo! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Have we mentioned that Mr. Lo could dress himself entirely over the past summer (shortly before he turned three years old) but then seemed to lose that skill around the time his baby sister came along. He's recently regained his desire to dress himself. Hallelujah. Here he is wearing a backwards tee because he put it on himself. We thought it was cute. :)
Sorry, not sure why that iphone pic won't stay rotated the correct direction. We had to photograph Mr. Lo wearing sweatpants a few nights ago because he has not willingly put on a pair of pants for nearly a whole year now. Last Spring in Boise, Lo accidentally ran into a patch of cheat grass (sp?) and his pant legs got covered in "poky stickers." Ever since then, he is claims that wearing pants pricks his legs, so he prefers shorts. Plus also, "shorts make people run faster." So anyway, Yes. Momentous occasion for him to don those green sweatpants.  He took them off a few minutes later.   I noticed that dressing Baby Ro in Valentine's apparel last month was easy--girl clothes are all about hearts, pink, loves this and loves that, etc. So this is our girl the night we went to our ward Valentine's party.  I thought she looked sweet, but take note of her patchy hair and realize why I gave in to the temptation to shave it all off.  (sorry still have not uploaded photos of the new baldy).