Monday, September 7, 2009

They once roamed our neighborhood

This adventure happened a couple weeks back, but as our Labor Day plans to go on a daytrip this weekend were made void by our car needing repairs (again--boo), we are recapping some past fun jaunts around the area.

These are actual fossil footprints embedded in the banks of the Connecticut River. Here, Jerry's right hand is pointing to the index "finger"/"toe?" of a track about 12 inches in length. I am not sure if the print is easily visible in the photo, because--while it looks obvious to me, as I know what to look for--the light was a bit flat this evening. Notice there are four toes. This likely means the track belonged to Otozoum, a large herbivore, depicted in the painting above. Jerry's left hand is pointing to another track, which indicates the stride length of this dinosaur.

The silty banks closer to the water's edge explain why this area is so rich in dinosaur tracks. We had a lovely time enjoying the river view. Also note the house that is about two feet from water's edge.


Anonymous said...

Fun, fun!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

I saw my first dinosaur tracks this weekend so. utah. we had a nice conversation about the creation of the earth and life...