Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Hi, Ohio

This past week we moved to Ohio. Thirteen hours of driving, punctuated by plenty of stops to nurse and change diapers. The apartment is still full of mountains of boxes, but yesterday an angel from our new congregation came over to help me unpack and it feels like an end is in sight.

Little Tam is getting more fun every day. As we are pretty behind on posting photos, I'll just toss out a quick "Top 10" from some of our favorite moments over the past weeks. Here they are!

#10: We try to soak up any little bits of sunshine that sneak through the winter gray.
#9: This is what Little did while Mommy & Daddy were packing and cleaning the old apartment (hired movers did most of the packing of course).
#8:Bored on our drive to the new place, Little slept all day in the car. Then, both nights by the time we arrived at our hotel room for the evening he was conveniently starting to feel awake and ready to play/eat all night long. We arrived at our destination feeling pretty exhausted.
#7: As he grows, his body is less prone to be curled in the fetal position all the time. He has started stretching his arms, legs, and fingers a lot, and sometimes sleeps in this position with his arms over his head. I could sit there and watch him sleep all day.

#6: He is starting to get too long for his 0-3 month clothes; any footed onesies no longer allow him to straighten his legs all the way.

#5: "So glad when Daddy comes home." After Jerry's last day of work in Massachusetts, Little greeted Daddy at the door with a full five minutes of grinning and cooing. This baby is getting so chubby and fat. We think it's hilarious.

#4: Little gets daily Chinese storytime. He seems to like it.

#3: His first day of church, I wore him in a Moby wrap to discourage any would-be-touchers. I asked Jerry during the sacrament service, "Can the baby breathe?" In answer, he snapped a quick pic with his phone. Maybe not so reverent, but it reassured me.

#2: This hat looks so elfish. It comprises almost the entirety of my attempts to be festive this season when I put him in this attire. Seriously, between birthing this baby and moving out of state, I have all but given up on the idea of Christmas. I even forgot a couple family members' birthdays this month! Sorry everybody.

#1: Ear grabbing is supposed to be an indicator of ear infection, but he didn't seem to be in pain with this pose. He just fell asleep like this, clutching his little ear.

Ever wonder what happens if email goes unchecked for, say, a mere week? I have 101 new messages. Too overwhelmed to begin weeding through them, I diverted my attention to the neglected family blog. Aren't you all glad.


Brianne said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you move went OK. We will miss you guys though! Ohio is lucky to have you.

Trina said...

You're in Ohio already! Your amazing Courtney. So I don't have your phone number anymore, you'll have to send me an email so we can get caught up.

Valerie said...

Happy six and a half weeks old, Little --you are so blubbery cute!

Jenn said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely. Great pics! Little is really cute, and growing and changing fast! I hope you adjust quickly to your new home.

BTW, my word verification is missn. I thought that was funny since we are missin' you here and finding it quite hard to replace you. But we are still happy for your new experiences. Merry Christmas!

Spring and Sean Family said...

Isn't funny that before the baby comes you swear you wont be one of those moms that forget everything, and are only obsessed with your baby, but once the precious baby comes . . . it's over. Life the way you knew it is over, and will never come back. Oh sure you learn how to juggle more and more, but you will always be consumed, obsessed and totally in love with your children. Congrats you guys. And wow, what a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!

Melody said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe he's already doing things my son was discovering when he hit that "I'm going to start doing more things than just sleeping and eating" stage! How old is he? It seems like you JUST had him. I love the sling to discourage touchers. We totally did that too, but some people still manage to grab his hand or something. Wow, to already move-I know how that feels. And you are probably still recovering! About the ear thing, my son does that ALL the time. No worries unless he's crying. He's just discovering his body...but I do wonder why they love holding on to their ear so much...and when they are sleeping too...hmmm

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

I for one am glad I've been waiting to see new pics of little ( hehehehe funny how our little guys are twinners but look nothing alike) So where in Ohio again? I am going to be there in a year are you still going to be there? My sister-in-law is in some suburb of Cleveland. Anyways, hope life gets to normal soon. Merry Christmas.