Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did my email arrive too late? =/

Hello Senator,
I'm a fellow pro-life/anti-abortion citizen. But I feel a little sick about the abortion/ultrasound bill being discussed today on the senate floor. This bill reeks of emotional coercion toward women at a time when they need not persuasion to keep a pregnancy, but rather simple education regarding their options. Vast misunderstandings persist about the realities of the best alternative to abortion: adoption. Too many women get abortions simply because they do not feel ready to raise a child in a single-parent home. The research strongly validates their fears--kids generally don't fare as well in single-parent homes. I feel concerned that the abortion/ultrasound bill may contribute to some women ending up as hesitant, unwilling, unprepared single moms. Why not put more of your legislating efforts toward educating about and promoting ADOPTION rather than fighting abortion?


Valerie said...

Good point, Court!

Melody said...

Totally agree that abortion is NOT right. I'm not familiar with the bill, but perhaps the funding and/or efforts could go toward education and support on how to be a single mother because I am sure having one parent is better than having none, as so many children in "the system" are not shown warmth and love. Perhaps if women realized that society nowadays is (sadly) heading toward single mothers being the norm, they would realize they are not alone and they have the support to give their child a home.

TheTamFam said...

The bill would require women who want an abortion to undergo a mandatory ultrasound first. It is expected that some women will choose NOT to go through with the abortion after getting an ultrasound.

That part of the "Proclamation on the Family" that states, "Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, to be reared by a mother and a father who honor marital vows with complete fidelity" makes me passionate to support adoption. Basically, I would not purport to receive inspiration on whether or not a woman should be a single mom--but I could assert that in general, if they truly prayed about what to do with their unplanned pregnancy, MOST of them would not be receiving that type of revelation from God. Because the Proclamation on the Family states God's stance on the matter: He wants babies in 2-parent homes. They are ENTITLED to it. That's strong language in a church where we don't often speak of entitlement.

I just didn't like the bill because it is avoiding the more important point. Abortion is bad, yes, but really the issue is that kids need functional families. And adoption gives that miracle.