Friday, September 7, 2012


We moved. Again. About 12 months ago, we moved from one town in Ohio to another. Then, 8 months ago we moved from Ohio to Idaho. 4 months ago, we had a move from Idaho to Texas. And now here we are in Idaho again, moving into yet another new apartment. All the transitions have been rough on Mr. Lo (FOUR moves in one year!!), so I started praying for God to give my poor child some compensatory blessings. Enter: the Tender Mercy Kangaroo. The day we drove out of Texas about a month ago, we dropped by the library to return our twenty-some-odd books. During our 5 minutes dropping by the library, we walked into the room where a gal was doing the end-o-summer reading party grand prize drawing. Lo Lo walked into the room literally as his name got drawn from the hat--he won a prize! I said, "Oh, he's here!" and my excited toddler bounded up to receive his gift of kangaroo and book. He hugged and kissed the kangaroo all the way back to the car, and it has proved to be a true comfort to him ever since then. He's cuddling it in his sleep right at this moment. :)

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Becca said...

What area of town are you in? We are now out on Lake Hazel and Maple Grove.
Glad your little Lo was able to have that comfort item given to him when he needed it most.