Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lincoln Logs

$2.99 at Goodwill. Lo's new favorite toy.
update: I threw the Lincoln Log set in the trash about a day after blogging this post because the pieces were driving me bonkers getting left all over the house.  Later after Lo went to bed I fished it out of the trash and hid it in my closet.  And then a week later (today) I tentatively brought it back out again only to yet again find myself picking up a billion pieces of miniature logs and stepping on sharp log house roofs and so forth.  So back into the closet it goes.  Not sure why this particular toy is so hard to get cleaned up--Mega Bloks don't give us any trouble. 

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Valerie said...

So fun! That was one of Uncle Blake's and Uncle Carl's favorite toys as little boys.