Saturday, November 29, 2008


We are grateful for: horsies, sunshiney mountain days, the Man from Snowy River movie (because its theme song kept matching our ride), and a special thank you for Dad, who worked hard to make our trail ride perfect.

During one day of Thanksgiving break, we went up near the family property in Lowman, Idaho for a good journey up the trail. With a few of our cousins joining in, we got 7 horses lined up. Jerry did great riding the mustang Garnet, especially for it being only his second time on a horse! He kept a brave smile through all the trotting, and remained a good sport even with several mishaps including: a saddle that slid sideways on him, mismatched stirrup lengths (turns out he got the broken saddle), borrowed sneakers (not boots), and a saddle-sore rear end for the next several days.

On the plus side, we can all applaud Jerry's uncanny skill with a camera. He took this cute shot of Titan and me while riding in front of us. He twisted his torso in the saddle and stretched his arm out behind him with the camera aimed in my general direction. Voila!


Trina said...

Way to go Jerry, I don't think I could have a picture like that! Sounds like Idaho was fun and seeing family is always grand!

Shawn said...

Hi cute courtney! i found your blog by looking at your comment on Tisha's. Yeah. I am excited to see what you are up to my super sweet former visiting teacher!

littlefamilyJLD said...

That looks so fun! Great pictures too!