Friday, December 5, 2008

Worth the 4 Minutes

Maybe it was just because my frazzled, end o' semester brain was in dire need of some peace and perspective, but today I watched this music video and it brought me to tears. What a grateful heart I have, knowing God sent His beloved Son to bring peace to this troubled world. My greatest times of joy have come through feeling the love of Christ enter my heart, as I begin to see others through His eyes. He lived and died a perfect being, and still He lives today, my Savior and my king.

I also got a really good feeling, the kind that makes my heart beat fast and my hands clasp in front of my chin, from reading the religious freedom ad posted in the New York Times by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty (link at right). If you don't want to get to it through the LDS newsroom, here is the direct link:

And here is the direct link for the beautiful video mentioned above, because it was my first time to try posting a video and apparently it is more difficult than all you avid bloggers have led me to believe.

It is about 4 minutes long, and worth every bit of it. Created by BYU alum and faculty--way to go, wonderful school! Jerry and I thank God every day to be here. We are privileged to attend.


littlefamilyJLD said...

Thanks for sharing these things. Very uplifting & inspiring!

Ambrosia said...

Guess what I JUST found (well Maia found it) in my RS manual--the sweetest note from you. It came at a moment where I really needed it.