Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Concerning heroes, pancakes, and horses

Though a week after the fact, I figured we might as well still document Memorial Day 2009.

This year more than ever, I seemed to focus on the deeper meaning of this holiday. As a child growing up, I largely looked forward to Memorial Day for our annual pancake breakfast with extended family and friends. Tradition requires borrowing a huge grill for it and everyone has their fill of talking and eating.
But this year, I found myself thinking less about pancakes or chatting with favorite cousins--and instead musing more on the ancestors and heroes of days past.

The day before Memorial Day, the Sabbath, I watched my parents and little brother sing in the church choir. The choir program gave homage to the prophets--both ancient and modern--who mark our heritage as Christians of the Latter-day Saint variety. Then, that evening after church we gathered with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. for the grave site re-dedication of Uncle Tony, my father's brother. (re-dedicated because they moved Tony to rest next to his parents' graves). He died as a toddler about 50 years ago, so most of us alive today never knew him. But I feel like I know him better now, and look forward to the day when we will all rejoin him to live as an eternal family unit in the life to come. Of course, Memorial Day also means celebrating those who work hard to preserve our freedom and way of life; I felt glad to talk with my cousin Drew who just completed his military service in Iraq. I am happy for him to have time now to be nearer his family.
We also had a Memorial Day barbecue dinner on Monday evening with family on my mom's side. Pictured above is a cute three generation shot of grandpa, son, and grandsons.
During the trip to Boise, of course we took a moment to say hello to the family horses. I get so tickled watching Jerry interact with farm life; everything about it is novel to him. It is like seeing my old world through new eyes as I watch Jerry point to the tractors, ask questions about hay, snap photos of cows, etc. I guess the cow he captured here is a little unique (classy horns). Here is a video of Jerry frolicking with the horse Jasper. My little brother Justin is the expert cameraman whose voice narrates.


Allison said...

When I saw the words "barbeque dinner" so close to the picture of the cow I was wondering if that bovine was the dinner. And I love reading your posts. You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Fun entry, Court!

The Salmons said...

I happened upon your blog and wanted to wish both you and Jerry a hearty CONGRATS for the double graduation and the announcement of a little boy. We are so thrilled for both of you. Where are you living now? We would love a visit anytime from you. Good luck with the pregnancy!
Lois & Kevin

Morgan said...

I didn't know you were a farm girl! I'm going to have lots of questions for you one day! We want to live on a ranch with all kinds of animals one day.