Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated Father's Day Post

I guess it's fitting to post on Father's Day a few days after the fact, since my gift to my own father arrived a few days late...Sorry Dad! I dropped it in the mail a few days before the holiday, if that counts for anything.

Lo and me gave his "DaDa" some cute gifts of the food, media, and hand-crafted sort. But I'll refrain from explaining them all on the blog.
One "fatherly" thing Jerry did recently cracks me up. Our treadmill broke (both treadmills, actually). And so instead of getting a new one, Jerry spent a couple weeks tinkering with the wires and sensor on one of them, and it now runs fine, though the runner needs to simultaneously waggle a wire as he or she jogs. Jerry says he got this fixer-upper frame of mind from his own father, and I realized my dad has done similar "jerry riggin" (HEY! pun just realized...) so it is reassuring to me in some respect that at least one noble trait of fatherhood has proven itself able to span both cultures and generations.

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The Pixtons said...

coutney he is sooo cuteeee!!!! I am so glad you have him- i wish i was closer and could come over and hug him! so i know i said i was on "the blog" before- but it turns out it was on rob's gmail- but he just added me so i can acutally use it now! so basically, i can now stalk you and your adorable family :-)