Wednesday, June 23, 2010


That Lo is blossoming lately. Just over the past couple days, he figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position against the couch or on just about anything. It has resulted in a few instances of bumping head, as he does not know how to get down from the standing position very smoothly yet. Another milestone is crawling, which I need to catch on camera soon before he morphs out of this cutest beginning stage. He does a true crawl, with a good rhythm alternating opposing hands and knees--and though it is a bit slow for now, he has gained steadiness so rapidly that I fear he will be speed crawling any day now. The video posted here is him discovering grass a couple weeks ago. I love how the wheels in his head seem obviously spinning as he experiments with poking and patting the prickly green grass. I can see both physical and mental gains this month that seem to really make him "more human" (as Jerry puts it).

I remember my mom saying "Oh, 4 months is so fun," and while it was nice to have him start smiling and cooing more regularly around that time, it was also the time his sleep issues began and it took me a solid month to figure those out. I would have to say all things considered, 7 months is my favorite age so far. He is interactive, playful, and cute with his new little teethies, but at the same time not developing too quick for me to catch up (which is what I think happened at 4 months, and what may happen next month around the time he begins to move more quickly...starting to really need those babyproofing supplies).

Anyway, I'm just musing here. No real point to this entry, but figured I should get that grass video on here before it got too belated.


Anna said...

Rachel just started crawling on Sunday! She doesn't do it for very long stretches, and she's still wobbly and cute.
I know exactly what you mean. 7mo is DEFINITELY my favorite, too!

Valerie said...

Can't wait to see Little Lo crawl! This video is way precious.