Monday, April 11, 2011

Gym & Swim

Oh what do you do in the wintertime, when Ohio has no Spring? 
Do you find a warm pool, and floaty noodle...
Is that what you do?  So do I! 
The local YMCA has a fun gym/swim group for parents and toddlers, and we enrolled with our friends Kristen and Claire.  That Lo enjoyed himself more than the pictures show--a lot of times he wasn't very smiley at class because he was extremely focused or observant, but I could tell he was enthralled by all his peers and the activities. 
Note he is still hanging onto that huge ball even while teeter-tottering. 
And I wondered why he gets sick so often.  Balls aren't just for bouncing--they make great teether toys.  BTW, that Lo has a couple more new teeth on top that sprouted up over the past couple weeks.  =D
I liked learning all the cute little rhymes and songs from our instructors.  Hopefully I can keep doing them at home even when our course comes to an end. 
After a few classes, that Lo got better at accepting the routine and structure of the activity. 
He actually really does love the parachute type of activities (we do it in nursery at church as well)...I'm not sure why the somber face in this photo, unless maybe it was because we were trying to fold up the parachute to put it away and he felt sad about it. 

Our two babies just held hands on their own as we walked through the parking lot.
Tee hee.  Such cuteness I cannot even stand it!  And yes, that is our children bundled so heavily just last week.  But I think springtime might actually be here as of current posting time. 


NessaAnn said...

Oh what fun! All my friends go to the Y for those sorts of fun activities and I am always very jealous. The Y seems REALLY expensive to me here, maybe I'm just spoiled after all the lovely community centers in UT. I am hoping we can save up enough to pay to go next year, it seems like such a healthy, fun way for kids to get exercise.

TheTamFam said...

I totally agree the Y is overpriced! Seriously, where is the money going?? Admin salaries? I am glad we did the class that one time mainly because I was having serious winter blahs, and it boosted my mood. Also it helped so I could learn ways of interacting with that Lo in the water; our apartment complex has a swimming pool that will open next month. But I don't think I'd do the class again just because of how much it costs.

Kristen said...

Our babies really are so super cute!:) I'm glad we did the class, it really was a nice break from the usual winter routines.

Valerie said...

Cuuuute, photos!

Valerie said...

What is the age difference between these two?

TheTamFam said...

Lo Lo's about 3 months younger than Claire. He does look a little huge in that last photo, no? He's still above 99% for height and weight, and head is above 90%, as of yesterday's well-baby check up.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

What a great program! You two looks like you had a blast.