Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Missing friends

Lo Lo recently had his little friend Tyson move away. Which means Jerry and I had friends move away too (Tyson's parents). Tried to get a group shot at the last playgroup before the move--sorry for a few cut off heads). Here are the two little boys, Lo and Tyson, squishing together on a lap. (The Lap belongs to Chelsea who got her degree in early childhood education which apparently all little kids instinctively sense and love her for it). Chelsea and her husband and baby have been out of town so we are missing them too.
We babysat Tyson while his mom finished packing, and Jerry did a little filming. The video got longish, so don't feel like you need to watch it all unless you happen to be a doting grandparent, in which case knock yerself out. But my favorite is the part right in the middle when the two boys run into each other, bounce off each others' heads and crash on the ground. I laugh every time. (nobody was hurt...it's ok to laugh)...oops, I guess I uploaded a different video. Well, this one is the goodbye hug. That Lo is really huggy!

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Valerie said...

What good friends!