Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Jerry has shoulders made perfectly for nestling. 
The research is pretty clear that kids are more likely to thrive and reach their fullest potential when they have active fathers in their lives.  And Lo Lo is blessed to have a daddy who takes his role seriously.  Who else but a daddy could think up 101 uses for vinyl--like this homemade road map. 
 And who better than a daddy to teach boys that reading good books is a manly pastime? 
 And when a little person spills rice and it ends up getting tracked all over the house, that little person needs a dad--because a dad just might have the presence of mind to take a photo of those neverending rice grains stuck to a little person's feet.  Really, Jerry is the one who makes sure our myriad candid moments get caught on camera--I am so grateful he is such a doting dad. 
Jerry is the kind of dad who tries to watch a DVD with his son, only to end up rarely looking at the screen.  Instead he seems to have utmost delight in watching his son watch a show. 
 Jerry is one of those fathers who is pleased to let little hands "help" with projects. 

  And of course, we could not honor Jerry in his fatherhood without mentioning the man who first showed him what it means to be a dad.  We love you Ye Ye! 

We don't have as many photos of my father with Lo Lo, but here is one I love because it shows the first moment they met. 
 And here is Lo Lo with his Great Grandpa Clark (my mom's dad):
As a mother, I recognize my great influence in the life of our child.  But I am also the first to point out my limitations--and because I cannot be everything all the time for my Lo, he needs all these fathers in his life.  Thank you to Jerry, Ye Ye, Grandpa Dean, and Grandpa Clark for being such good examples of fatherhood.  Hope you have a great day and feel loved!  And thanks to the fathers of past and future as well--we have such an eternal perspective of family ties in our faith, so it seems recognizing fatherhood today in a timeless sense is most appropriate. 

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Anna said...

What a cute dad! I love it!

ps. Rachel makes rice trails, too. So cute!!