Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grandma and the Beach

My mom has been visiting for the past week (and we are so lucky to get her for a whole nother week still!). Today we took her down to the beach that is just a couple minutes away from our house. We wondered if it was a Sabbath appropriate activity--akin to a Sunday afternoon walk perhaps? Enjoying nature but not recreating too much? We left our toys at home and kept the visit brief. Anyway... Throwing rocks into the water. A new favorite, since Lo did it all Saturday on the temple grounds stream (more about that on a different post).

Couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

We found a couple good pieces of driftwood to entertain our new pet. Yes! Another animal (or two) to add to the Tam Fam. No, we didn't get it at the beach but instead adopted it from some friends of ours who were feeling all petted out lately. This little terrarium houses our new hermit crab. Lo Lo enjoys watching the crab climb around and I get a kick out of rearranging the crab's landscape every day. We named it "Hai Hai," which is "crab" in Chinese. Always trying to reinforce those language skills...Oh, and the second new pet we got is a snail (named "Snail" or "Nail" as Lo Lo calls it) to clean our fish bowl because I was getting lazy about scraping the algae off: A Golden Mystery Snail. These babies are AWESOME. Better than any other type of snail (do a google search if you want to know details). But I digress. Back to the beach.

Lo Lo has been such the happiest kid with Grandma around. He really basks in all the attention she gives him, and I love to get a bit of a holiday myself with my mom taking care of that Lo so much. We are keeping ourselves busy, but hopefully I'll make time to post more on the blog than I did last week, since I am quickly falling behind. eek.

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