Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Trucks

While in Boise recently, we spent some time with my dad up at Bogus Basin. He used to just work there as a cat driver during his off season from doing hay, but now he does full-time maintenance at the ski resort. And still does the hay harvesting as well, but that's another story. :) Have we mentioned how much Lo Lo is crazy about "Big Trucks!" He kept wanting to "Ride Dat!" and cried when we finally made him exit this big rig.

This machine is actually called a Piston Bully, or a snow cat. It grooms the ski trails.

I love my dad's animated face here. He is so good with the wee ones.

Outside the shop, Lo Lo got a chance to visit up close with the diggers and such. What a cool experience for a little boy. Thanks, Grandpa Dean!

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The Salmons said...

Thanks for stopping by while in SLK. It was so good to meet Lo and see you all!!!You are such a cute family...