Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MK Nature Center- Boise

Personality entails "enduring characteristics," as explained in one of my human development classes. I enjoy watching Lo's personality unfold. Lo's personality seems to show a consistent bent toward sociality: He stood blandly by this fish viewing tank until a few other children walked up, and then he leaped into action, chattering to them about what he was seeing, staring more at the other children than the aquatics.

His personality also seems detail-oriented, though I wonder how much of that characteristic is developmental rather than unique to Lo? I thought he would love seeing these taxidermy critters, and he thought they were okay--but the ROCKS! Wow, the rocks. Lo kept wanting to touch and examine the rocks more than desiring to gaze upon the mighty grizzly and salmon.

I keep finding myself surprised by this child. He is his own person.


Anna said...

Rachel loves other kids, too! Unfortunately, I think our babies are ahead of the curve; no one else her age wants to play with her. :(

Valerie said...

Beautiful lighting; I don't remember my photos taken of the MK observation windows looking that nice. Hopefully, I'll pass them on to you soon --I'm swamped with church work at the moment. And I'll look some more for Spencer's Ipod. Your dad is running the Upper Fork of the Payette, today. He is actually receiving pay, today, too, --so odd to me!

Becca said...

We love the MK Nature Center! It is so much fun! Glad Lo was able to visit it.