Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 12 Days of Halloween

Lo and his favorite friend Claire at the ward Halloween party
For Halloween this year we borrowed 2 tiger costumes from a wonderful woman at church. She said Lo would want one to wear indoors (thinner material) and another one to wear outside (a cozy warm version). Our cute little guy had a great time practicing his tiger roar, one of which is on a video I will have to post later (taking too long to upload right now).  We ended up keeping Lo home from trick-or-treating on Monday because he came down with a cold over the weekend and still seemed to be feeling unwell. Thank goodness we'd already had plenty of Halloween fun. After reviewing our calendar, I realized we had done about a dozen Halloween activities throughout the month of October. From a special event at the Children's Museum to Halloween themed storytime at the library and so forth, we partied all month long!

I dressed as Pippi Longstocking for our ward party.  Yes, that's my pet monkey hanging on the end of one braid.  =)  And the dress: made by yours truly, about one hour before the party started.  The whole costume was free, just made from things around the house except for a pair of striped leggings ($4). Hilarious.  Also note my white witch pumpkin on the table.  It won 1st prize in the pumpkin carving contest (it was the only entry). 

At the children's museum we opted to dress Lo as an army guy instead of the tiger, since we knew he'd want full mobility to enjoy the activities there.  The museum did some special spooky science experiments.  For example, Lo got to catch a bubble full of misty stuff.  He got to submerge his hands in slime.  And he made a skeleton out of glued noodles on paper.  We did another version of that craft at home--note to self, great project for this age range!
Lo getting weighed on the pumpkin scale...I think he was around 35lbs, which has been his constant weight for about the past year.  Also in the photo is Uncle Mike and my cousins Spencer, Emily, and Audrey.  It was so fun to have them visit during the second week of October. 
 We had a few pumpkins and gourds hanging around our house over the past month.  Lo had fun rolling them around, saying "roll, roll."  He talks with such clarity these days.  
Playing on a pirate ship at the company's Halloween party. 

We decorated Halloween cookies to give to the ladies I visit-teach.  Lo Lo was so pleased with himself, he kept telling everyone who saw the cookies, "I make that." 

Another fun Halloween treat we made is this candy sushi.  I figured it was like even the treats were in costume!  We brought a couple plates full to the ward party and it was gone within minutes. More fun to look at than to eat, in my opinion. 

Lots of fall colors out at the church farm in Hiram.  We visited there this month with Uncle Mike and Aunt Jennifer. 
Not so much Halloween-y to have beautiful trees, but definitely still a part of why we love the month of October.  Good-bye October.  Hello November!  Did everybody notice today's date is awesome: 11-1-11.


Valerie said...

Darling costume and pumpkin. I did notice today's cool date --I'm envious of anyone born, today! Cute pictures of Lo Lo, as always. Where was this pumpkin scale?

Nathan and Heidi said...

Your costume is such a cute idea! I loved seeing the fall picture of Hiram. I really miss the Fall in Ohio. It is so beautiful!

Valerie said...

Didn't notice that first photo of Lo Lo and his best buddie --precious smiles! Hope Lo Lo is feeling better for his birthday.