Friday, June 8, 2012

Missing Idaho, Greeting Texas

Moving to Texas for the summer has its perks. Since leaving our Idaho home, we've had Lo be extra on-track with his daily routine, waking exactly at 6am, napping at just about noon every day, and going to bed consistently around 8pm. We have enjoyed seeing new sights, swimming almost every day in the most glorious of pools, and meeting the BEST library story time lady EVER! But still, most days Lo mentions several times wanting to go back to Idaho. Here is what he misses: He used to have daily playtime with the little girl next door. She is about a year older than Lo, but they have similar personalities and interests. They would move from one activity to another, be it sidewalk chalk, swinging on the swings, jumping on the trampoline, eating snacks, checking the mail, climbing on the monkey bars or other playground equipment, sliding down the slide, gathering gravel from the driveway and distributing it all over the yard, riding trikes, etc. Lo misses all these fun times! We have yet to discover a playgroup or any friends his age out here and his definitely social personality feels the lack. Family! Living near countless extended family members made any activity more enjoyable. Here is Lo at the zoo with Aunt Booy and baby Ashlyn. Lo had really gotten to love Ashlyn. Being OUT in the dirt. This dirt pile was one of Lo's favorite places to be. If he ever snuck out of the house without me noticing, the first place I'd go check is the dirt pile (and 9 times out of 10 he'd be there digging away). So yes, we have a sand volleyball pit here at our apartment complex in Texas but it is full of cigarette butts. Not quite the same... Anyway, adjustment simply takes time and I'm sure we will keep finding more things to love about our new area the longer we are here. In the meantime, I'll keep Lo focused on the joys of Texas: daily ice cream, palm trees galore (he calls them "poky trees"), and frequent excursions to sites new-to-us.


Spring said...

Ya for Texas. My brother has lived in Houston for several years and now his kids are true Texans. :) Moving is always rough for me and I am homesick for several weeks, so I am sending lots of love and wishes. Hope you have tons of fun on your short stay and make lots of great memories.

Valerie said...

We miss you too, Tams! Love ya'!