Monday, June 11, 2012

The Pool

Lo doing boat races with a leaf down these little waterfalls. Okay, have to acknowlege that last post was written in a time of much more homesickness than I feel now. It helps having gone to church yesterday; church always feels like home! Anyway, we have also gotten to have quite a bit of fun here and are continuing to locate all the important places (libraries, grocery stores, playgrounds), am getting lost less often while driving to and fro, etc. so I feel less "transition blues." Our apartment complex has THEEE best pool ever! For a toddler anyway. There are tons of shallow spots for him to wade in. He spends half his time in the volleyball sandpit, then runs to the pool. We shower off first in the handy outdoor shower they have right next to the volleyball place. There are also a few fountain pools (we don't have photos from those). We have spent so many hours in the pool already! It is so hot here, we can go swimming any time of day. Back in Idaho, it tended to be too cool early in the morning or later at night because of the desert climate not holding heat once the sun was down. No problems with that here. We have jungle humidity! It is great. When we are swimming. :)

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Valerie said...

Sooo fun --miss you Lo!