Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day 2012

We celebrated "small town style" on this past Independence Day. It was one of those serendipitous days when everything seems to go perfectly.
We attended a small community parade and party in the park. Everything was free. They had this little train that gave free rides (I think the combination of Lo and me was pushing the posted weight limit--oops).
Unlimited watermelon--we ate a couple wedges each. Did I mention this was all free??
One of our favorite floats from the parade because it had "Curious George" on it (Lo loves those books).
Mr. Lo, as he is wont to do, making friends with random strangers. His glasses were 3-D glasses, the closest thing we had to patriotic apparel for him. That, and the army pajama shirt. Yeah, I need to make a visit to Old Navy next year for a few America tees.
Jerry was proud of his parking job. I was proud of finding this little celebration, because parking was pretty smooth overall--we got nice shady spots at both the parade route and the park, without even arriving early. Ah, the benefits of a small community event vs. the huge crowded city parties.
And one more reason to love Texas: people are overwhelmingly friendly! The group near our parade spot just embraced us, handing Lo a flag to wave, gave us chairs to sit on, gave Lo a bag to store his candy (he got more than a Halloween haul) and were just generally the sweetest people. By the way, the candy was such a distraction to Mr. Lo, I don't think he noticed much of the parade floats--he was too busy darting all over with his eyes glued to the ground, picking up a never-ending supply of candy that got thrown at him.

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