Friday, July 20, 2012

Independence Day part 2

I forgot to mention in the last post about the 4th of July that those photos only showed our "morning activities." Post naptime, here is what we did:
Ate festival foods, rode carnival rides (actually just Mr. Lo did the carnival, and he stayed pretty tame about it--jump house and large slidey thing), and the highlight...
Pony rides! Jerry loved that he got to be the one leading the pony around. Lo kept saying, "I riding a real horsie!" and it took some coaxing to get him to dismount. Also, it should be mentioned that we almost bought a tank of baby turtles from one of the vendors at this festival. Jerry and I are sort of really pet-people, and it drives us crazy to move so often we don't feel ready to buy another pet right now. But seriously, these turtles were adorable. Palm-sized swimmers that reminded Jerry of turtles he'd kept in a bowl when he was a boy. We have an official goal to get some turtles as soon as our abode stabilizes a bit. :)

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