Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flashback to Hong Kong More than a Decade Ago...

So behind on blogging, I am tempted to commit to one of those "blog daily for a month" challenges just to make sure I get all the backlogged info posted. But we are moving this month. Sort of moving twice, in fact. So we'll see how much blogging gets done. Anyway, a few days ago we had the unexpected joy of having Jerry's missionary and his family stop by our home on their drive through town. This is the missionary that taught Jerry when he got baptized those many years ago in Hong Kong. Small world that they both find themselves now living in Texas!
Ben & Jerry. Yes, those are really their names, how awesome is that. We should have had some Ben & Jerry ice cream, but instead just ate generic brand ice We had Ben get video-recorded saying his memories of what it was like teaching Jerry. Such a special time to reminisce. I also enjoyed some great conversation with Ben's wife, Helen. After the visit ended, I commented to Jerry how energized I felt having such good socializing. Thanks for stopping by, Ben & fam!
Asian-mix kids are so darling! Clearly my favorite variety of child. These boys all have 2-syllable names that start with "L" so I kept accidentally calling the wrong child the wrong name all morning. :)
Mr. Lo had such a ball playing with these two boys.
Especially with Logan, the older boy. Lo kept saying, "Logan is a nice boy. He plays nice." These days Lo is very aware of "playing nice," and often coaches himself through rules of sharing and caring (though still has plenty of moments where his 2-year-old emotions get the better of him).


Valerie said...

Wow, what a wonderful reunion! Is Ben from Hong Kong, originally, as well?

TheTamFam said...

Yes, Ben also grew up in Hong Kong. But then he married an American girl like Jerry, so here he is. (Ben's wife is a red-head too, incidentally...just another fun coincidence). And they attended Florida State, so there's a connection for you too, Mom! :)