Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did I mention we moved to California.

Year 2012 was all about "HOME." We moved back HOME with my parents while Jerry returned to school, Baby Ro gave us the HOMEbirth of our dreams, and we made our HOME in four different states (Ohio, Idaho, Texas, back to Idaho, and finally ending up in California). All within the year 2012. Our main goal for 2013 is to NOT move. But this latest move has been remarkable in many ways. My cousin Lillie lives near us now, and she has watched over our little family for the past couple weeks like a guardian angel. More details to follow in a later post. But for now, here's our first week in California, photo style:
Spent New Year's at the Carmel beach house.
Cousin Lillie, practically perfect in every way. 
Sums up the feeling at Carmel.
Why yes I am the only one in this hot tub who is over the age of 7.  Pretty sure the younger kids all nearly drowned a few times each, but I pulled them up again and again...
We kept trying for a family photo at China Cove, but Mr. Lo was TERRIFIED of the kelp that had washed ashore so he wasn't being very cooperative in the photo effort. 
Monterey Bay Aquarium. 
Nursing on the trails.  Sweet baby girl is shaping up to be just as chubby as her older brother was. 

My mom spent her 50th with us!  She was a huge help getting us there and settled. 


Jennifer said...

oh dear does this mean you did not get my christmas card? congrats on the new baby :) SO exciting :) jealous of your warm sunny beach pictures :)

Gisela-David said...

Lo is so BIG! You look wonderful and I'm so glad everything went well with baby girl. Jerry sent me an email with the announcement, but I didn't know you had a home birth. You'll have to email me about that, I've been looking up info on home births for a while since I am very interested for the future(no I'm not pregnant, some day though)

Becca said...

Oh how fun! Where abouts in California are you? Mike and I make a trip down there 1-2 times a year! We love California and hope to live down there after a few more years in Boise.
So happy you got to have a homebirth.

TheTamFam said...

I got the Christmas card the day we packed everything up! It was a welcome distraction from boxes. You are adorable, and your chickens/children are too. :)

Gisela, Yay that you are considering homebirth! I'll try to get around to that email...

Becca, we are in the bay area. But we have plans to attend Disneyland with Lo sometime while we live here, so let me know when your next trip there is and maybe we could meet up?! That would be funny since I didn't see you during the whole past year we were both in Boise. Hmmm. Anyway, yes, hooray for California. And homebirth.

Morgan Somers said...

What a cute family!! I love it! How are you liking California? If you meet anyone who wants to hire a civil engineer, let us know! We need to get out of here QUICK and want to head to northern Cali ASAP!

I have a couple pictures of my kids at that same spot at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Love that place!

The Millers said...

What part of the bay area? I grew up there and my dream growing up was to live in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area. It's absolutely gorgeous there. We'll be in the sacramento area for the summer doing an internship. I'm excited for warmer weather.