Friday, January 25, 2013

Public Accounting, down one week.

The impetus that drove us to California is that Jerry got a job as an auditor with one of the "Big 4 Accounting Firms," following his dream career path. It really is an adventure and we are grateful for this opportunity--but of course moving,having a baby and starting a new job all at once is sort of rocking our world. The first two weeks of work sent Jerry to an out of town training, and the third week (his first time really on the job) has been like getting dunked in an ice bath. Jerry worked a couple of 16 hour days, even a day where he left our house a bit after 8am and got home around 4am.  I held down the homefront miraculously well--saw the hand of God countless times supporting and sustaining.  But we miss that Jerry!  So here I am, needing to catch up on the piles of laundry, dishes and sleep while the kids are napping, but instead I took some sentimental moments to gaze at photos of my man. Sure do miss him. 
Silly hair with Lo.

I love that Jerry likes baby wearing.  Also, I love that clothespin--evidence of Jerry's inventive/frugal nature.  (he didn't want to splurge on a pacifier clip from the store.  i finally convinced him the clothespin was not safe, lol). 
We survived our first week of public accounting.  

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Valerie said...

Miss those grandies --o.k. I suppose I miss you and Jerry, too!