Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh what do you do with a bald baby

Put purple things on her head of course. Jerry calls the first hat "purple pineapple."

She's in a chewy phase.  Her favorite foods are: clothing, paper, plastic bags (there's a reason they have warnings printed on them to keep out of reach of children), and hands (hers and any other person's that get in her reach).  But in a pinch, the side of a bathtub will do for a snack. 


Anna said...

You have the most beautiful babies in the entire world!! So darling.

side note: When Rachel was tiny and had hardly any hair, I would "glue" tiny ribbon bows (that I bought) to her head with KY jelly. They said they used that at the hospital to put little bows on the girls. It works really well and washes out easily. The only problem is the weird looks you get when people ask you what you used to stick it on.

Morgan Somers said...

So cute!! She sure looks a lot like Lo did at that age! Love it!