Monday, April 8, 2013

She's not a rabbit afterall

We had General Conference this weekend.  I'd  feel obligated to post on it, except that I have three backlogged posts already that are all just half done.  So I want to start working on getting things posted.  Here's one down, two to go...

A couple weeks ago at our local library, the librarians everso casually announced, "Rosemary Wells will be doing the reading at our next story time." Years ago, when I first began reading books to my sweet baby Lo, I came across a suggestion to always read the author/illustrator names as well as the title when I opened the cover of the book.  Due to this habit, Mr. Lo is now familiar with--and requests by name--several common children's book creators.  One of his favorites: Rosemary Wells.  Yes, he has oft asked for her by name: "I want some Rosemary Wells today!"  So it was that we found ourselves walking/biking to the library a few days ago with lightness in our hearts and feet.  Mr. Lo picked dandelions on the way, and planned to offer them up to his favorite lady.  But then we arrived and he donned a frowny face that would not depart! I told him, "That lady in the purple scarf is Rosemary Wells." Quite put out, he disagreed with me: "She is not the right kind of person. I need someone who is more like a puppet. Rosemary Wells is supposed to be a rabbit!" With her droll sense of humor, Rosemary got a kick out of Lo's consternation. And she raved on and on about our baby Ro's cute dancing giggles. She gave out signed copies of her book Love Waves to the kids in attendance--even gave one to a grouchy Lo. All in all a fantastic afternoon. I love living here.

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Anna said...

One is often disappointed when meeting their heroes for the first time. They are never quite like you imagined. Like seeing your favorite book character on screen. Never as good.

The things kids think of! Hilarious.