Friday, March 20, 2009

Scotch/English Variety

Some friends of ours posted their Irish coat of arms a few days ago for St. Patrick's Day. I caught myself wondering about my maiden name (Steele) coat of arms and then on a whim looked up Tam as well. Hah! Who knew I kept the British strain going when I married Jerry. Apparently Tam is an old English surname for people who lived near the River Thames (Tam's River). Cute. Here is our authentic Tam Family Crest:

Also, Tam is the name of a charming Scottish cap:

(also the underpart of a graduate's cap/without the board)


Nicki said...

When I lived in California, we lived on a street called "Tam o'Shanter". My grandma still lives there today. Whenever we told people our address, they were always confused, and we had to explain what a "tam o'shanter" was... luckily, there was a golf course near by, and so we just told them to go look at the golfers' hats. :)

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

How fun to discover those things. I didn't know you stayed a night at my sister-in-laws. Hope someday we get to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam' guys look great! I hope everything is going well...Courtney I totally understand the rehearsal tendency...unfortunately...I rarely get the chance to tell people what I really meant...but can sure come out in angry conversations! Good luck with everything!


Jenn said...

Wow, that's a cool little discovery you made! It was nice meeting you the other day!