Monday, March 9, 2009

When a Warning Label Isn't Enough

I compulsively read food product labels, partly because I have some unique health ideas as well as curiosity about what goes into my mouth. Yesterday I purchased a little Asian snack that I have eaten before, so I refrained from analyzing the label this time around and devoured one piece with gusto. Some Asian snacks have edible rice paper wrappers, and this product happens to be that variety. Or should I say, "USED TO BE" that variety.

After swallowing, I noticed the edible rice paper wrapper had not melted in my mouth as usual. Instead, it left clumpy scraps of itself between my teeth, under my tongue, and halfway down my esophagus. Suspiciously turning the package in my hands, I found a tiny adhesive note glued to the box: Wax Paper Wrapper, the note explained. With my fingernail, I scraped the adhesive note off and found the old familiar label underneath: Edible Rice Paper Wrapper. I am still in denial that this occurence is my own fault.

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Valerie said...

That was sneaky!