Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

So is it just me, or was General Conference this past weekend ALL about parenting the wee ones?? Good thing we included a child's reader Book of Mormon in Lo's Easter basket. I have started reading him a chapter each morning, and he does pretty well at refraining from ripping the pages. The Easter basket this year also included a few other books, stuffed animals, teething toy, eggs, etc...and before I get accused of spoiling this baby, I'll admit that most of the items had been given to us over the past year as hand-me-downs or baby shower gifts. I had squirreled it all away and even recycled into the basket a toy that he played with a couple months ago (hid for long enough ago that it was "new" to him again). I figure he doesn't need "real" gifts until maybe age five or so?

Our Little Bunny. He put up with a lot this past weekend as we also journied to Columbus on Friday morning (Jerry had the day off of work). We attended the temple there in Columbus and then drove back home on Saturday. Thank you wonderful J. fam who let us stay with you!!  On Sunday we went to a special dinner with a few other couples and their children. The food was a spectacular feasting for the eyes and tummy, but we had to leave early since that Little was having some sleep deprivation issues that needed addressed.
Honestly I am having some sort of crisis about how to handle his sleeping. But I am feeling too sensitive to post anything more about it on the blog just yet. I have read So. Many. BOOKS. And it seems like I just get tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. Feeling rather like Joseph Smith. Only I don't think God will come to me in vision about how to fix this challenge. Hope that wasn't too blasephemous. But I am being prayerful anyway.

Ta-da. The Friends' table. (hope you don't mind me pilfering your photo, Kristen). =) It really was a nice dinner. I've been enjoying ham and turkey leftovers ever since.


NessaAnn said...

Wow look at that darling Fat Boy! Love it! What are you making, heavy cream? ha ha.

Babies don't sleep well. They aren't meant to. We just wish they did. Unless you're going to "train" him, I don't think there is a great solution. Just establish a routine and accept that a great deal of the time, you will be tired. It will pass. I know that isn't too helpful.

One time on my mission, my greenie approached our AP and told him how exhausted she already was. "How do you do it? I'm already so tired, how can you survive two years of this???!" He replied, "You learn to work tired."

I think that is the great secret of motherhood.

And my Zoe woke up every hour between midnight and five last night. :) I'm not complaining, though, because her babyhood is just rushing by and I want to hold on to every moment. You do too, and just kiss those chubby cheeks and relish it as best you can. You're doin' great Momma.

Love, One Other Tired Momma

Valerie said...

Cute Little Bunny! I guess what it boils down to is children are a lot of work (the sweat on Adam and Eve's brow) no matter what method is used! I'm still playing catch-up with some of General Conferance's talks, but I really liked "Because Mamma Said So." Of course, promptly, the next morning, I requested through inter-library loan, The Ballooning Adventures of Paddy Pig. It sounds like you are getting some good attendance in at Ohio's temple. love you, Tams

Jocelyn said...

Brock loves when I read him the scriptures. I read a few verses everyday and then explain them a little bit. He even gets excited just seeing them on the dresser. I have to admit that it is the cutest thing ever I hope Nicholas does the same thing when he is a bit older. what's up with little's sleeping? can I help? let me know!

Becca said...

Mike and I were saying how we feel so blessed to have basically been given the "manual" that every parent wishes came with their children. This was the perfect conference for us with our little one due next month. I can't wait to get it in print!
The basket was very cute and good idea to save stuff given to you for this occasion.

Valerie said...

Today, I had to laugh at Nurse Terri, at Collister Elementary. She has a two month old and asked the custodian if he would unlock the P.E. equipment room for her so she could have a private moment (pumping). She asked him how she can lock the door behind her and then whispered to me, "Do I really have to explain to him, what I'm using the room for!"

Morgan said...

My sister (who just had her first baby last Monday) and I were talking about how this conference was ALL about parenting. Unfortunately, they didn't instruct on the ever-present sleep issue. Ugh! I feel your pain! But your Lo is just so cute! I love his round little face! And he's got to be at least twice Alaina's size. I agree with the first comment--What's with the cream!? How do you make that stuff?

Jocelyn said...

i really didn't have any sleep problems with Brock until he was 6 months old and then I think it was because we moved him from the bassinet to the crib. Nicholas is an awesome sleeper up to 7-8 hour stretches! and he's not even 3 months old yet. I do know a few tricks from past experiences, and since Ryszard finally is letting me sleep train Brock it has been wonderful I check on him twice and he falls asleep all on his own!