Tuesday, April 27, 2010


My little stinker of a brother has only sent home 2 (two) (TWO!!) pictures during his entire mission and he will be coming home in just a few months. So finally in his latest email, there were some photos attached and since I haven't seen his face for about a year, it blew me away. He turned all MANLY on me! Look at his jaw! His Adam's apple! *sniffle* my wittow brudder is all grown up... And he's not the only red-head missionary in his area:

With his three "sons" (the missionaries he trained):

I'm a proud sister. And I hacked into my mom's email to retrieve these photos, so let's see if she checks my blog and gets a happy surprise...;)


Valerie said...

Oops, I checked my e-mail first. I bet Grandma will be surprised, though! Besides, I like the size of the photos in the blog; thanks, Court.

Susie Stout said...

he does look so different. I saw the first pic and said to myself who is that? i had to check to see if it was your blog I was looking at I didn't recognize him at all. So funny!!!