Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Birds

We checked out a movie from our local library recently--a classic Hitchcock film, The Birds. We watch movies these days with headphones on at night after Little goes to bed (we learned the headphone trick after he got wakened a couple times from the noises of our movie watching). So...The Birds. I covered my eyes a lot and Jerry loved the movie too--until the final 5 minutes when we realized it has a most irresponsible ending. Why?? Bah. Anyway, it kept us talking about the movie all week, so maybe that's the point. This week when I walked out to the mailbox with that Lo, we stumbled on a group of geese with their goslings. I hadn't seen the flock until we were nearly on top of them (they were hidden behind some bushes as I came around a corner), so the parent geese felt threatened by my sudden nearness. They leapt and hissed at us. With the birds film fresh in my mind, my heart pounded as I made a hasty retreat.

That duck picture is unrelated to either the movie or goose story, but it gives me the creeps now to look at it. We like to point out animals to Lo though he has yet to show much excitement in them. Must be a later point of development.

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