Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have not made it out to any playgroups lately, so a few friends from church have been kind enough to come to our home for socializing. This past week Little Tam got to play with: Isaac and Lily (Isaac kept hugging and kissing that Lo).
And Claire, the lovely "girl next door." She and Little had more parallel play than actual interaction, but we staged a Cougar Checker's game for them.

Also we had some other friends over for games, Jerry's fellow GOLD associates and the missionaries. Though I spent most of my time in the kitchen making pizza while everybody else enjoyed Liar's Dice and Mad Gab (was that the other one?), it was a fun time. Next time I'll just risk the pizza dough tasting yeasty and make it ahead of time so I can feel free to go play the games. I still feel like a novice at hostessing, but Jerry and I get a little better, learn a little more, each time we invite guests to our home so it feels good.


NessaAnn said...

I noticed how much easier hosting a party was once we had a darling little rugrat to ooooo and ahhh over... like that third party suddenly made conversation so much easier. And your Lo is soooooooo cute, I bet everyone just coos and gooes nuts over him! Wish we could come over and socialize!

Kristen said...

That top picture looks a little intense...did Lo survive? :) We had a good time at the GOLD party and you guys did a good job hostessing. Thanks for having us!

Valerie said...

That "checkers game" is hilarious! Are those two the same age --quite the contrast in body build.