Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smiley stories

Some recent displays of "baby humor":

1. I was peeling an orange and pretty much ignoring Lo as I focused on my snack. He sat nearby watching me however. Eventually it dawned on me that I kept hearing a repetitive sound during my orange peeling; with each chunk of peel I removed and tossed in the trash, that Little would laugh heartily. I almost peeled a second orange just to keep him going.

2. Most of my best "babysitting toys" have worn out their welcome to Little Tam. He gets instantly bored, for example, when I plunk him in the once-beloved exersaucer. So I got suspicious when I put him in that play thing and soon heard giddy giggles.'s been awhile since he actually found that toy enjoyable...something must be wrong. I came to inspect and discovered that I had set the toy close enough to the wall that Little was putting his fingers into the electric outlet!! And deriving great joy from it, apparently.

That is all. Sorry no pics, and maybe these stories are the kind that "ya just had ta be there" for getting full appreciation, but oh well. Thought I'd share anyway.


Valerie said...

We love these stories, because we all can relate to the simple joy that is experienced from witnessing a little personality develop. We love you, Lo!

Anna said...

What a stinkin' cutie!
Love love LOVE baby giggles. Sometimes they are the only thing that keeps me sane.

Trina said...

Good job writing them down :) Sadly our memory tends to forget those precious moments.

Melody said...

Time to go to Family Dollar for some plastic socket plugs!

Leila said...

I laughed, so it was worth it!