Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goal Checkup

Here are a few thoughts on how my goals have gone, now that we are a month into the new year.

1. That Lo and me are doing okay with our routine. Observe smiley kid in photo above, having plenty of fort-building playtime. But we need more socializing. Once a week playgroup isn't cutting it. Especially when Lo naps long (like today) and we end up missing playgroup (which is happening this very

2. I indexed 50 names so far, but that is only according to the counter device on the computer. Actually, I think I only indexed 1o names. And then had a bunch of blank spots. I am feeling a lot of worry about this indexing game, sort of like I might be making a ton of mistakes without realizing it. I have only the faintest idea how to index, even after taking the online tutorial. Lost, lost, lost. Scared, scared, scared. Where is the Spirit of Elijah when I need it.

3. Reading the New Testament is a delight. I had forgotten how much I love these first-hand accounts of the Savior's walk through mortal life. Beautiful. After getting a calling in the nursery a few weeks ago (hooray!) I ditched the Sunday School schedule, so now I have been reading a chapter of the New Testament each day, just going straight through. Currently on Matthew ch. 16. I read it online because the site helps me look up more of the footnotes and they have been adding a lot to my study.

4. Daily Book of Mormon study is happening, though some days it has only been a short few verses with that Lo. On my better days, I've used this scripture study time to do topic studies on whatever I feel needs work in my life.

5. Record daily entry in spiritual journal. Yes! This one has been going so much better than last year, and it really does add to my scripture study to look for personal revelation to put in the journal. I've done entries 25 days so far this year...not perfect, but doing fine.

6. Journal weekly: I've averaged at least an entry per week, but one time during the past month went 9 days without writing. Room to improve. I've heard it is harder to do weekly goals than daily, because weekly is more easily forgotten. True, true. But anyway, I'm sticking with the weekly goal and will just try to at least journal every Sunday night to help me remember it in the schedule.

7. Attend temple quarterly. We signed up to go on the stake bus trip to the temple in a couple weeks. I feel a bit nervous how it will go because of the long day traveling, and not having as much control over our stopping schedule--what to do when that Lo needs a break...but I'm having faith it will be a good experience overall.

8. No refined sugar at home: well, could be doing better. I made the mistake of hanging onto some Christmas candy instead of throwing it away, and then during my moments of weakness it was too accessible. And one time we forgot the goal while grocery shopping, with Jerry buying hot chocolate, and me tossing a new kind of candy bar into the cart. But anyway, I'm doing better than before I had the goal, so that is moving in the right direction.

9. Adding a goal of studying one talk each day from the latest General Conference. I've done it pretty consistently over the past couple weeks and have felt a real boost in my spirituality. Interesting to note how often the conference talk of the day seems to complement so perfectly whichever chapter I'm reading out of the New Testament. I always feel like the Lord is trying to tell me something.

Life is good. I love goals.

Looking forward to February!


Cami said...

I took that online tutorial on indexing a long time ago and like you felt so lost and had so many blanks that I stopped shortly after starting because I was so afraid I was ruining people's family history! My mom could help me now if I wanted to start again. Maybe you can find a family history person in your ward or stake to help you.

Holly said...

You're amazing you know!! Love you! :)

Also - if you're wanting more socialization with Lo, you could try a swimming class with him (babies are naturals in water) or a Mother Goose program (songs/rhymes etc). The library sometimes has drop in time for story for babies as well.

Anna said...

You are so awesome! I'm inspired by your commitment to studying the gospel.

TheTamFam said...

hahaha, Cami, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Holly, love you too! I was totally thinking of a swimming class with Lo as I watched him tonight in the bath tub. He does love water. Yes. The library story time is every Friday morning, and I should go more often than I do, but Jerry and I share a car, so I often don't arrange to get it for the day. I just need to make it a higher priority.

Valerie said...

Maybe I will send you some family photos to scan, because I don't ever seem to get around to doing this!

Enjoy Birth said...

Great goals! One way I have been getting General Conference in to my study is to listen while I am cleaning the kitchen or organizing things. This way I can do 2 goals at once! :)

TheTamFam said...


Thanks for the tip, and btw total honor to have you visit the blog and comment. =)