Saturday, February 19, 2011

Warm Winter Walks

This past week has warmed up some.  There is still some snow of course (it probably won't fully disappear until April or so), and that Lo still gets plenty bundled before we head out, but it is not so cold anymore that we get frozen eyelashes and nose tips within minutes of being outdoors, so that's a plus.  That Lo likes to play with the neighbors' yard ornaments.  Hope they don't mind. 

 I like how the snowbanks on either side of the sidewalk make a bumper/wall of sorts, so that Lo cannot run anywhere but on the sidewalk.  Helps me keep an eye on him.  And once when we went walking, we brought a ball to kick along the sidewalk.  The "snow bumpers" kept the ball from getting kicked too far out of range. 
Christmas decorations up in mid-February?  Sure!  Our neighbors across the street still have a lighted Christmas tree up on their porch too.  I noticed this phenomenon in Canada as well; in climates where snow persists for months after Christmas, people tend to keep their lights and holiday decor up longer--I suppose because we all need something to cheer us up amid all the whiteness.


Anna said...

There is a house here that keeps their lights up all year. And turns them on at night and everything. I think it's brilliant.

Clark & Eleanor Swain said...

This is very fun seeing these darling photos of Lo's many enriching activities. He has a charmed life. He is blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

Kristen said...

The "warm" winter walks are fun, but I sure am ready for spring! Sam's we come. :)

Morgan said...

The Christmas decorations get left up because it's too stinking cold to go outside to take them down!! Brrr! I know that's why my lights are still up! They get taken down little by little on warmish days. I think just the lights along the fence are left now.