Monday, February 7, 2011


I've been feeling like I had too many random photos that I just wasn't getting around to blogging, so here are a handful just thrown in all at once.  Just so I can feel like I've checked something off the list. 
 Painting.  This is one of the fine-motor skills we've done lately, and Lo seems to enjoy it (though we probably need to work on the way he grabs the paint brush).  It is one of those magic books that has colors appear when plain water is brushed on it.  So we have no mess, but plenty of fun.  =)
 Sometimes I get bored of making the same menu items for our family all the time.  For dinner, we often have foods like curry, fried rice, stir fry, homemade pizza, spaghetti, or some type of crock pot soup or roast.  But one night I decided to break from routine and we ate a dinner of appetizers.  Pictured above: cheddar/chives/sour cream potato skins; pecan ham pineapple cream cheese tortilla squares (yeah, I just made than one up, but it tastes wonderful); deviled eggs; lettuce wraps (we didn't have the right kind of lettuce handy, but they worked alright); peppered cheese tomato slices.  It felt festive and interesting to do this type of "appetizer meal" for a change. 
 I will probably have to stop doing bum shots entirely once Lo gets a bit older (how old is too old?  NieNie still does it for her boys!)  Anyway, I think we had just gotten him out of the bath and he ran down the hall to shoot a few hoops before bedtime.  He seems so skinny to me these days.  Seriously, when I compare bum shots to what he was a few months ago, the difference is striking.  Not sure what he weighs--I should be having his 15 month well-baby doctor's visit stats soon to post. 
 We have had a lot of snow here lately.  This is the view from our window a few days ago.  That Lo likes to look out the window and cheer for the snow plows and children trudging home from school each afternoon. 

 One of the couch cushion towers Lo Lo climbed in our living room.  He loves this past-time more than any other, I think.  He often tries to drag the cushions off the couches all by himself (which he cannot yet do, thank goodness).  Oh dear what have I taught him.  That's the webcam in the bottom of the photo. 
Lo hugging the camera.  He really does love his grandparents, though he doesn't get to see them often. 

Life is very good.  I will try to post more, but it is about priority number 15 on my daily to-do list most days, so we shall see.


Melody said...

Oh my goodness what a GREAT idea to get water colors! GENIUS!!!

Valerie said...

That webcam hug is precious; and the snowy photo makes me shiver!

The Millers said...

I love these pictures! Super cute! You inspire me to be a better blogger. I guess I should take more pictures. I love Liam hugging the camera. Adorable.