Saturday, March 5, 2011

love life and "learing"

I guess I'm about due for another blog post, but sorry I don't have any photos readily available since we are in the process of switching computers.  (the old one started having major crashing/monitor dying problems). 

Anyway, here's a quick write about some fun I had today.  A little bit like a journal entry perhaps, but hope that's ok.  Just sharing a joyful time.  Lots of laughters.  I am so blessed to be part of this most huge, important women's organization called Relief Society.  We primarily exist to serve others, but have a lot of learning and fun times along the way.  There was a retreat last night for Relief Society, and I had intended to just stay the evening and then sleep at my own house the rest of the night since Lo still nurses at night.  But then I didn't go to the first part of the retreat at all. Friday had been one of those ultra-busy days that seemed never to end, and as the evening wore down and it grew near the time for me to leave to the retreat, I found myself telling Jerry, "I don't need to go tonight...I'll just make a showing in the morning."  And the climate in our home suddenly felt so relieved and fun.  I'm glad I stayed home for the evening. 

Then, this morning I almost didn't even go to the retreat still.  I felt awkward making such a late showing.  But of course I was glad I kicked myself out the door; when I got there, my lack of makeup and undone hair totally fit in, and suddenly I found myself truly loving life.  I learned to make a candy lei (something I've always wanted to learn how to make ever since I saw other kids wearing them at my high school graduation).  And I probably won't explain it well, but here's one of the things we giggled about:

The hostess had strung a banner across her mantle that was supposed to say "love life and learning," only she accidentally left out an "n" so it said "learing." We were making eyes at one of the babies there, and the baby was acting shy, so someone said,"Well, who can blame her for being shy--we are leering at her, afterall."  And we all cracked up.  I'm sure it is one of those stories where ya had to be there to get the laugh out of it, but I still smile remembering. 

This has been a rambling one, probably more the sort of post that would have gone into my personal journal except that I happened to be on the computer.  Thanks for reading anyway.  Just wanted to say I am loving life right now and hoping you all take a minute to find something to smile about on this lovely Saturday afternoon.

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Valerie said...

Thank you, Courtney --we had a nice, relaxing, fun stay at home day, today, too!