Monday, March 28, 2011

Water water everywhere

Sorry for lack of posting/no comment posting/minimal emailing lately. Joint effort of me and that Lo recently resulted in a bottle of water tipping onto our new laptop. So now I get to type on a remote keyboard/use a remote mouse. Awesome. I think about a week ago we had a warm day and that Lo went outside in his shorts. Lovely pasty Ohio winter legs seeing sun for the first time in months. And yes I know his socks look trendy. Lucky kid gets a mother who knows more about...well, anything else pretty much...compared to fashion. Anyway, that Lo really enjoyed watching the melting snow water run down the street drains.
And yes, the snow is probably now gone for reals. There are a few "parking lot mountains" remaining where the snow plows piled it up, but I'm hopeful the sunshine will do its job. This morning we went on a walk and it was still cold enough to make our mittened hands freeze, but that was just wind chill.

I feel like I talk about the weather a lot lately on this blog. Sorry if it is getting boring. There are better pics/videos to come, but they need to get uploaded and sorted. Stay tuned.

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Valerie said...

I like Lo Lo's Waldo shorts and curly hair!