Saturday, May 14, 2011

Arbor Day

I think it was Arbor Day a little while back, or at least some sort of observance that caused our local arboretum to have free admission. So we headed there for an afternoon jaunt. It sort of melts my heart when Lo Lo sits down on little ledges, curbs, etc. because it just reminds me how short his legs are. And I think I will miss it when he someday is tall enough to lower himself naturally onto a bench instead of clambering up there with such cute awkwardness. Jerry is severely allergic to Maple tree pollen and most varieties of grass, so perhaps an arboretum wasn't the best place for him to visit. He kept rubbing and holding his nose because it was bothering him with the allergies, and then we noticed Lo Lo was copying:

Isn't this such a lovely scenic place. We wanted a family photo on this bench (below). But there were no people around to take a shot of the three of us. So here is Jerry's initial photo of Lo and me:

...and here is the shot of Jerry using the timer:

Okay, round two went a little better. :)

And in case you were wondering what red colored object Lo Lo has in his hands for those previous couple photos, here is a closeup of his watermelon popsicle. It was made of 100% fruit, and tasted a little odd to me. Frozen watermelon has a strange texture I suppose, and I am looking forward to those days of summer--coming soon!--when the grocers produce section starts overflowing with juicy fresh watermelons.

I suppose since it is an arboretum, we should get a shot of a tree or two. Here is a tree big enough to eat Lo in one bite:

But the favorite pastime of the day had to be picking dandelions. Lo Lo thinks they are glorious floral finds, and delights in doling them out to all the ladies in our neighborhood.

Here he is doing the ASL sign for "flower" as he holds his dandelion:
And I thought his shirt was fitting for the day's journey through the gardens. The shirt says "Exploring Adventure" and is a top Lo Lo picked out all for himself. I've started to let him choose the shirts he wears each day by giving him an option of two different shirts. Usually he grabs for whichever t-shirt has a car or truck printed on it.

The video shows Lo Lo as he noticed a dead fish in the pond. He says "mu mu" which is his lazy way to say the "blub blub" noise of a bubbling fish sound we taught him. Also toward the end of the clip he makes a "buzzing" noise of a bumble bee which is pretty funny.


Anna said...

What a stinking cutie! Man, I just want to smooch him all over (not that he would let me...)

Maybe they gave free admition for Earth Day?

Love the picture of the guys holding their noses! So cute!

Valerie said...

Love this post; cute photos and video!