Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Roads and Walking the Line

I had been wanting to find an "external" educational philosophy that matched what Jerry and I already believe and practice with raising our Lo Lo. Though I had heard of Montessori before, it was only in brief snippets of info, and I did not fully realize how wonderful it was until just a few weeks ago when I began chatting with a Montessori teacher. Since then I have slowly been planning and implementing Montessori techniques at home, and hope to get Lo in a Montessori preschool before long. I plan to do a whole big ol' blog post on it soon, but for now, here is one of the Montessori ideas implemented in our home: walking on a line.

For some reason we don't have many good photos illustrating it, but here is Lo Lo on the road Jerry created out of vinyl. Yes, Lo Lo also has donned a pair of Jerry's running shorts around the neck. How else could one properly perform exercises unless thus attired.

And here is the totally not age-appropriate/not Montessori appropriate RC truck the boys have been enjoying on the road. LOL. I say "boys" plural because Jerry gets more playtime out of this truck than Lo.

When he saw the STOP sign, Lo said "Stop Stop Stop!"..."Go Go Go!" Along with the corresponding ASL signs. Smartypants. =)


Jenn said...

Bishop Chris West's sister, Hannah, shares your enthusiasm about a Montessori approach to parenting and teaching. You can link onto her blog, A Handmade Childhood, from my list of blog links. It's one of my favorite blogs.
I can't believe how fast Lo Lo is growing and how much he is doing. Seems like just yesterday when you left our ward with a newborn Lo Lo.

TheTamFam said...

Cool! Thanks for directing me to A Handmade Childhood! I know, I wish you all could have been there to see Lo grow up, but I'm happy you are keeping up with us through the blog.

Valerie said...

That little road would serve as a good teaching device on safety, too!