Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

First, a side note that we had a nice mother's day yesterday. I started the day by doing a scripture study on motherhood, and ended up being really touched when I read yet again The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Our ward was thoughtful and gave something besides wilting pansies to all the women; they gave us a luncheon and opportunity to chat with each other for the last half hour of Relief Society. Jerry, Liam and I made cards for the mothers/grandmothers in our family but didn't get them sent out in time to arrive by Mother's Day...a phone card yet again saved the day. I guess that'[s what my mom is getting. We are still trying to get our webcam up and running again. We had some neighbors over for dinner yesterday too, which was fun.

Anyway, the springtime weather has brought some strong winds, so a week or two ago we headed down to the beach to fly our kite. Driftwood logs--this one was huge and had such a big hollowed-out middle Lo Lo could have crawled through it if we let him (but we didn't let him...too many creepy critters inside).

Lo Lo's Chinese name written out in the sand. See it?

Shaggy hair. We gave him a hair cut right after these shots were taken. We'll have to post the new 'do soon.

Here is Lo's reaction when we first began flying the kite. He kept saying "Woah!" or "Yeah!" and seemed to love the way the wind whipped the kite all around. Then when some beach cleaning machinery drove by, he lost all interest in the kite in order to watch the "che che" (Chinese word for cars).

Drawing in the sand, and getting sand out of Lo Lo's eyes.

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Valerie said...

What fun! That is a pretty kite that would be tricky for me to fly, I bet! I like Lo Lo's contemplative face in "Shaggy Hair" pic.