Thursday, July 7, 2011

Columbus Temple - The Smart Way

Sorry I've been slow getting back into blogging, even though it has been nearly a week since my mom left. I sort of felt dismally uninterested in life over the past few days--not sure what triggered the funk, but maybe because we have missed Grandma so much! Even though she thanked us graciously for giving her a fun vacation, it was really a vacation for ME because my mom did so much cleaning and playing with that Lo while she was here. Lo even got a bunch of inside jokes with Grandma and she had to start translating for me to understand my own son. Also, he called her "mom" because that is what Jerry and I called her. Oops. =) Anyway, hopefully I'll get our fun times documented here little by little. Normally when we visit the temple, it is a LONG day with about 6 hours in the carseat for that Lo, and his mid-day nap turning out terrible attempted on the temple grounds. So this time, since my mom was here visiting and volunteered to babysit while Jerry and I made a date out of attending the temple together, we splurged a bit. We got a hotel for the night, and timed our journey to and from Columbus to coincide with Lo's daily nap so he slept nicely for most of the driving. Totally worth it.

And we joined a group from our ward who also went down to the temple that weekend. What fun! Several in this group are recent converts who were visiting the temple for the first time to perform proxy baptisms for their deceased ancestors.

While Jerry helped with the baptisms, my mom and I played with that Lo outside the temple. See the pretty spire? And see Lo? See him running around there on the grass? It was a million degrees humidity and sunshiney-hot, but he LOVED being outside.

Here we are instructing on why leaves cannot be thrown into the stream as efficiently as rocks.

My mom was going to attend an endowment session while Jerry was doing the baptisms, and we planned that I would just stay outside the temple with that Lo for a couple hours. But I had killer insomnia that night in the hotel (honestly--way worse than even "normal" insomnia--this kind left me feeling zombi-like until I got a nap Saturday). So my mom volunteered to watch Lo while I napped and while Jerry was doing the baptisms. I LOVE MY MOM!

Grandma ("MOM") and Lo, best friends forever. Thanks again for being such a lifesaver, Mom and helping Jerry and me have a great visit to the temple. Oh, and thanks again for rescuing my glasses when the lens popped out into the stream. Good memories.


Valerie said...

You always have wonderful posts, Courtney --thank you for the accolades; I miss all of you, too! In the last photo, I meant to retrieve that piece of garbage sitting in the stream and ad it to the other church garbage we collected; oh well, some other brownie will take care of it!

Anna said...

Moms are the best!

Jennifer said...

such beautiful the instruction on rocks and leaves :)