Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1st 3D and other movie fun

I saw the new Harry Potter movie a couple days ago and it was my first time to do an actual full-length movie 3D. Those Dementor's cloaks billowed out so real, and the dust came right at my face (ok, sort of a spoiler alert) when you-know-who, erm, you-know-what. Awesome. Totally worth it. Also, I hadn't read the books in awhile so I didn't really recall the smaller details of the plot and I think it helped me appreciate the movie more.

Jerry wasn't interested in seeing that film, so I went with a group of friends. The deal is that Jerry gets to go see Transformers 3 now in 3D. Anybody care to join him? I'll be staying home. :)

Also I hadn't mentioned earlier that when my mom was here she babysat while Jerry and I went to a movie (Super 8). It felt pretty strange--we haven't gone to a movie alone for about 2 years. It was maybe 50% enjoyable, because I was concerned about how Lo did at home with my mom, it being his bedtime and all. But he did fine of course. When I saw the Harry Potter flick two evenings back, I felt something more like 99% relaxed enjoyment because I have more experience leaving Lo with Jerry and know the two of them do fine without me. Babysteps.


Valerie said...

Glad you got to see another movie; I'll have to try out a 3D sometime!

Trina said...

You're such a cute mom! I'm glad you got to enjoy Harry Potter. Lo lo did such a fine job of those push-ups.