Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cleveland Children's Museum

 When my mom was here, we visited the Children's Museum.  Most of the exhibits seemed perfect for Lo's stage of development.
He always begs us to let him drive our real car, so this jeep was a favorite. 
Water table. 

Okay, this train table was hands down Lo's choice--if I had let him, he would have spent two hours there.  But we have free train tables at our local library.  Sorry Lo; I am restricting your agency on this one.  :)

Finally I dragged him away from the train table and we played with anatomically correct baby dolls...
Until he looked out the second story window of the make-believe house and saw...
The TRAIN TABLE!  He abruptly dropped his baby doll playtime in favor of running back to the trains.  Um, really, we can just play with the ones at the library anytime, Lo.  Moving on...
A moon buggy car to drive! 
Spacemen use treadmills.  This was cute because we are always trying to keep Lo off the treadmill at home, but he loved to be just like Mommy & Daddy, exercising on this fake one. 
A real astronaut suit.  Lo was excited to wear it once he saw other kids trying them on.  He is sitting at a control desk, which had an intercom, and some other fun buttons. 
Launching a rocket. 
Building a rocket...or um, throwing the blocks that could be used to build a rocket. 
Lo Lo loves putting coins into those little devices that funnel the coins to a center hole. 
This climbing platform is supposed to mimic the water cycle, and you can pretend to be water molecules going up into the clouds and then raining down.  It is meant for kids a few years older, but Lo didn't know that and we had scary moments of him getting stuck trying to climb around. 
Hope we can return again soon!

Oh, and one more shot: His face looked lit up, coupled with squeals of delight, every time we entered a new corner of the museum.  But most of the photos show just little smiles because he was busy concentrating on serious play.  


Valerie said...

Happy memories!

Anna said...

What a cutie!! Looks like a ton of fun for him! (and a break from the "bleh" for you, eh?)

Trina said...

Wow Lo lo has grown. I haven't been on for awhile, looks like you've been busy & enjoying your mom. Good times!

Kristen said...

Looks like you and the little one had such a great time at the children's museum. I wonder if Claire would love it more now that she is a bit older. Maybe we will have to try and go again!

TheTamFam said...

Kristen, I'd LOVE to go to the Children's Museum anytime you are up for it since we got a membership. Char hadn't gotten her membership last I talked to her...but maybe we could do a big day out with all of us.