Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sorry for the dearth of posting lately; we are still trying to get settled and accomplish all that a move entails. I did finally commit to start using in that awkward stage of not liking it. Much prefer blogging, but maybe I'll come around. Anyway, if you want to be my friend, look me up. =)

One of the aspects of this move that we most looked forward to was getting to see family more. Pictured above: Lo Lo and Ashlyn, first cousins. Ashlyn seemed transfixed by Lo most of the evening recently, staring with perpetual surprise at all the cool things a 2-year-old can do. We love these kids! (although yes, that is a bumbo chair perched on a table...I know, makes me nervous...are we the only ones who have ever done this??)


Valerie said...

Sooo cute!

Anna said...

I'm pretty sure everyone puts their kids up on the counter/table in the bumbo. I have heard of many moms doing that. (Except me. Rachel hated her bumbo.)

Becca said...

Glad you arrived safely, and no I can promise you are not the only ones who have done it as I have seen several pictures posted by other moms doing the same thing.

Hope we can possibly get together while you guys are living here!

Leung Hei Ming Peter (Biu Guo) said...

Wish you have a wonderful Year of Dragon with being happy and healthy. Hope Lo Lo grow quickly with joy.