Sunday, January 29, 2012

Material Possessions

I want to get back on the ball with my gratitude challenge.

The second step suggested is to list 10 Material Possessions for which I am grateful. This is an intriguing activity at this point in my life because we Tams ended up leaving behind at least 90% of our material possessions when we moved last month. I have alternated between feeling liberated by having less junk, yet on the other hand grieving a variety of losses. I try to keep reminding myself about those pioneer ancestors. Anyway, I still have some few cherished items we shipped/hauled here to Boise, as well as a few items I have acquired since arrival. In no particular order, I am grateful for:
1. A Willowtree Nativity. Sort of embarrassed about this one, because I probably could have spent this money more wisely. But anyway, I bought it yesterday at a yardsale. I showed the man running the sale a whole pile of items and offered $40. The pile included an organizational shelf, a toy ball for Lo, a kitchen scale, a like-new board game (Cranium) and the Willowtree Nativity parts pictured above in their original packaging with all authenticity papers inside. (My dad seemed horrified about how much I had spent, saying, "Haven't you ever been to a yardsale?" so maybe I paid too much?). Please validate my purchase everybody!! I had left behind a couple of Nativities when we moved from Ohio, afterall...and I love the way the Willowtree Nativity can be added to over the years unlike other nativities that must be purchased as a whole.
2. Our car. We have a great car. It is just a basic sedan, nothing fancy and starting to get a bit on the high-mileage side, but it is so reliable. I've had various times in my life without owning a set of wheels or else having to use a car that was less reliable, and so it makes me that much more grateful for the vehicle Jerry and I have right now.
3. Our laptop. Using it with the internet brings me connection to family and friends, and since Jerry and I don't own a TV, the laptop has been our primary way of watching movies for the past few years. So useful and enjoyable.
4. Clothes. Especially since I've been reading accounts of the handcart pioneers, and it still feels relatively chilly outside, I am so grateful to have clothing in general to keep me warm. And I'm thankful in particular for some cute items of clothing that really boost my mood and confidence. ("Grandma Style" shirts, Jerry calls them; what can I say my preference is classic).
5. A bed. My aunt and uncle gave us a queen sized bed when we arrived in Boise. It is really comfortable. And miracle of miracles, Mr. Lo stays out of it. He finally just hit a stage of wanting his own bed...The few times I have put him in the big bed, he protests saying,"Go nap my own baby mattress" which is amazing because there were days Jerry and I asked ourselves Is this kid ever going to sleep in his own bed. Even though it has taken awhile, the transition to him moving out of parental bed proved an easy drama-free event when it finally did happen. Thanks to all who reassured us along the way. =)
6. A calendar. Random, but I just glanced at it and realized how much I rely on a wall-calendar. It helps me remember important events. When we didn't have a calendar for a few weeks right around the New Year, Jerry and I kept stressing about it.
7. My toothbrush. Wouldn't life be horrible without one? Oh, the wonderful feeling of a freshly scrubbed smile.
8. Food. This seems like it should be a category all its own. The countless yummy, healthy, and everything in-between goods that I consume each day. So much food so easily available--how many people in the world lack this possession? I am blessed.
9. Camera. I am a sentimental person, and being able to record life through photos lifts my heart. I am grateful Jerry thinks to whip out the camera at all the right moments, preserving our best memories.
10. Books. Scriptures, easy-reads, board books for Lo, what else. The library at my parents house includes so many beloved books I read as a child and I pause to take note of how these possessions have enriched me. Fuel for the mind. Similar to what I mentioned regarding food, books plentiful and accessible for me--not something all people on earth can say.

I am grateful!

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Anna said...

Yay! He's in his own bed! We had Rachel in our bed for a long time, too. And now she only wants to sleep in her bed, and she wants to do it ALONE. It's a miracle!

I don't know how much the Willowtree Nativities usually go for, but I assume it's more than $40! I also don't know how to bargain at yard sales, but I say, "Way to go!"