Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pioneer lessons

My relaxation method of choice these days is to chip away at a book I started after we moved here to Boise. The Price We Paid, by Andrew D. Olsen. My normal reading style is to get immersed for a day or two and finish a book in one big gulp. But my conscience declares I have more worthy ways to spend my time these days...*sigh* the book remains mostly unread as of today, but I would still recommend it. Wow, how wonderful were our pioneer ancestors.

Pictured above is Mr. Lo riding a wagon in the children's section of the Independence, Missouri LDS Visitor's Center. We stopped there for a diversion on our drive across the country earlier this month.


Anna said...

I have a friend who is a missionary at the Independence Visitor's Center!

And I used to live in Missouri, and we would go to all of the church history sites over there frequently (we were in the Nauvoo Stake).

Lori said...

What? You know we only live 45 minutes away from there? You could have stayed the night out our house. Bummer, wish we'd have known you were coming through... Maybe next time you drive across country!

TheTamFam said...

Lori, no somehow I just knew you lived in Kansas and did not make that connection about Kansas City being in Missouri until we drove past it!!! And Sara Anne said you even have guest rooms?! What in the world. We are definitely keeping you on our bucket list. We'll make that journey again someday because we didn't get to see all the sites the first time through. So please don't move away for awhile. ;)